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Summer 2018 will be filled with FUN and convenience at the Charlie Daniels Park with our new Summer camps program! For 6 weeks in the Summer your ages 4 to 11 year old youngster can improve their game or try a new sport for little cost in a great environment built for FUN & learning! Ever thought of playing soccer? or flag football? or how about basketball? GIVE THEM ALL A TRY!

Summer 2018 will be offered over the course of 6 weeks, one day a week per sport, and will be a pay-at-the-door event. Have a trip planned? Don't worry! We will be here for your child to learn and have FUN the other 5 weeks! Here's how it works: On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am-12pm we will offer a specific sport for that particular day. Tuesday is SOCCER, Wednesday is FLAG FOOTBALL, and Thursday is BASKETBALL. Soccer and Flag Football will be on the fields at Charlie Daniels Park (subject to cancellation for weather) and Basketball will be in the gymnasium at the MJ Community Center located in the park.

Campers are REQUIRED to register online for the first session for one sport ($30 for the registration.) If your child chooses to do multiple sports on multiple days you DO NOT register for each individual sport. Your ONE-TIME registration will provide your child with the Summer Camp t-shirt and provide us a way to contact all participants via email in the event of weather cancellations. After the first day of any sport you just come and pay at the door ($20 per day) for that day's camp session.

PLEASE NOTE: parents are welcome to "drop off" children for the camp but may not do so before 8:50 am and must arrive back at the park by 11:30am for the end of the day's session. Any children left unattended by 12:00 will be asked to be cared for by us calling the MJ Police department and leaving your child with them. Players should bring a water bottle and/or snack for the sessions, water will be provided in coolers. Soccer and Basketball campers are asked to bring a ball with them with their name written on the ball.

For (primarily) Soccer on Tuesday, please register here

For (primarily) Flag Football on Wednesday, please register here

For (primarily) Basketball on Thursday, please register here

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